How do we book you?

Firstly, please contact me to find out if your date is available. If it is, bookings are taken primarily via email. A £250 booking fee and a read of the t&c’s are required to secure your date. I look forward to hearing from you!

How many photos do we get?

We typically provide at least 500 individually edited photos to tell the story of your day in the most beautiful way possible.

When do we get our photos?

This is the most common question asked by the couples. To ensure that all our clients will get their wedding photos on time, we quote between 6 and 12 weeks – for summer weddings or between 4 and 6 weeks for out of season weddings.

How do we get our photos?

You will receive a secure link with access to share & download you photos and also options buy prints or albums straight from our recommended print shop.

Do you offer videography services?

At this time, we only specialize in photography. We have a few great videographers that we highly recommend! Just get in touch.

Do you offer albums or other prints?

Yes, each client gallery comes standard with an opt in user-friendly print storefront full of many beautifully curated products ranging from lay-flat albums to framed prints.

Do you Travel?

Yes, we love travelling. Travel is included for our quotes in the UK.

Do you recommend a second photographer?

With a second photographer at your wedding, you really are getting the benefit of twice the experience, twice the creativity, twice the angles, and twice the number of photos. A second photographer also provides back-up to ensure moments aren't missed. There are a lot of special times that are constantly happening at weddings. Family members who haven’t seen each other in years sharing a laugh. Little kids being little kids. Ridiculous friends doing ridiculous things. Hugs. Smiles. Tears. They happen all night long. They can’t all be photographed, but with two photographers around, the odds are pretty good that the big ones won’t be missed.

How much is to add a second shooter?

This would a good option especially for weddings with a high number of guests. The rate is £300.

What if you are ill on our wedding day?

Touch wood I’ve never had to miss a wedding. Now, if the worst was to happen, then I have a large network of professional photographers who I can call upon to attend your wedding in my place.